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Fine Structure Precision Foil
301L FS

Proven in the industry this unique 2 micron grain 301 grade cold rolled precision foil offers superior smoothness of lasered or etched surfaces, minimised warping following half stepping, lowest internal stress and superior laser processing.

Mechanical Properties

Hardness min. 370 Hv
Typical Tensile Strength approx. 1130m N/mm ²
Typical Elogngation 25 to 35%
Grain Size max. 2 µm

Chemical Composition

C max. 0.030%
Si max. 1.00%
Mn max 2.00%
P max. 0.040%
S max 0.030%
Ni 6.50 to 8.00%
Cr 17.00 to 18.00%
Nb typical 0.04%

Available in the following thickness (gauge):


Other sizes available on request.


0.080, 0.100 and 0.120mm is supplied in packs of 30 sheets.
All other sizes are supplied in packs of 25 sheets.

All packs are labelled with dimensions, size and MIN number.

The material is sent in robust wooden cases. Typically each case contains up to 500 sheets with mixed gauges according to the customer’s order. The wooden cases can be stacked 3 high without damaging the material.

Traceability and Certification

Through our allocated MIN number all material can be traced back to the exact production lot and raw material.

Material certificates are provided detailing the mechanical and chemcical properties for each delivery made.

This material is RoHS compliant.

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